The facility, which produces iron rolling defects in the first rolling mill established by the Özçelik family, started to produce around 100 tons of square and flat iron per month. The production of the factory continued in this way until 1993, and then the Özçelik family merged with the Paşalak family.


Celikoglu A. Ş.  was established.


In 1995, it started to produce hot rolling special steel in round, flat, square and bottom corner categories from 100x100 billet iron with a monthly capacity of 500 tons.


The cold-precision calibrating facility of hot rolled products was opened.


The capacity of the hot rolling mill was increased to 1000 tons per month.


Hot rolling production of elevator guide rails started.


The production of elevator guide rails, T50 and T70 in the final product, was started with Çelikray brand.


Konya Central sales office was opened.


After the crisis, the company continued its target of growth in its investment and production spectrum.


A 130x130 billet rolling plant was established in the hot rolling mill, reaching a monthly hot rolling capacity of 1500 tons.


It has expanded its production range in elevator rails with the machines it has newly built, as a final production of 500 tons per month. The T89 rail was put into production.


Celikoglu D.C. Karabük Organized Industrial Zone made a new investment decision. T90 rail production started.


The facility, which will realize the final rail production in the organized industry, started production in a closed area of 7500 m2.


Marmara Sales office was opened in Istanbul.


Our factory continued its production in a total closed area of 17,500 m2 by making 10.000 m2 closed area to its investments in the existing organized industrial zone.


It doubled its special steel and rail production capacity by building another 7500 m2 closed area.


Our company, which continues its investments despite the pandemic year, bought a new 120.000 m2 land in the Karabük organized industrial zone. In its 30th year, our company managed to rank 430th in the ISO second 500. T45 and T82 production started.


It rose 18 places in the ISO second 500 and took its place in the 412th place. T125 rail production started.


The company continued its investments this year, adding an additional 9.000 m2 to the total closed production area and increased it to 36.000 m2. It rose 93 places in the ISO second 500 and took its place at 319th place.


It moved its Konya central sales office to its new location located on an area of 8,000 m2.

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