Our customers' customers are our customers.
It is our duty to provide quality and reliable service to our customers by protecting our customers' expectations from them and to stand by them after sales.
We always continue to develop with your demands.
It has been adopted as a principle to be able to produce the product demands of our customers that will increase in the future.
We will be participatory in governance.
The principle is to provide an environment where management and employees work as a team.
Our human resources own our business.
It is our duty to provide our employees with a working environment where they will continuously improve themselves and see them as business owners.
We will not compromise on security.
It is our duty to take measures to eliminate occupational accidents in our own workplace and in the workplaces of our customers, and to train our employees and customers.
We will be environmentalists.
While doing all this, it is our duty to take maximum measures to protect nature and keep it clean.